You need The Brain-Voice Connection™ if:

  • you need to increase your gravitas and presence
  • you need to learn how to play corporate politics and still keep your soul
  • you want to improve your personal and professional influence
  • you struggle to find the right words during a presentation or talk
  • audiences struggle to understand your accented English
  • you are unsure how to answer unexpected questions
  • you suddenly go ‘blank’ and have no idea what to say next
  • you speak quickly when you get excited
  • colleagues and clients cannot hear your comments, live or on a conference call
  • you struggle to deepen business relationships through small talk and conversation
  • the quality of your voice does not match your skill, ability and job title
Anna Bernstein
Anna Bernstein, Founder

Contact us at anna@brain-voice.com for immediate information on private sessions or group classes. We work with you either on Skype or in person (if you live in Seattle) to reduce your accent and improve your communication and leadership skills.

The Brain-Voice Connection™ has helped professionals like you since 1995 with our unique methodology. We coach you to influence people personally and professionally. We help you navigate corporate politics so you can love your job again. We teach you how to harness the complete power of your voice, and then we teach you the neuroscience of how people hear verbal messages. You will learn how to optimize both sides of communication – speaking and being understood.

It all combines into an analytical, easy-to-learn set of tools you can apply immediately. Contact us today for information regarding private, group and virtual training.