September 2008

Voice Lessons Learned From the Presidential Campaign

Accent Reduction, Influential Speaking, Sound Like a Leader
  Fellow citizens, we are seven weeks away from electing our new president! As a result, we are all hearing a lot more speeches and talks than we normally do. It's time to take a moment to reflect on how we, mere business and entrepreneurial mortals, can benefit from these public faux pas! 1. Don't compare yourself to [...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Give Presentations!

Accent Reduction, Presentations
  We hate writing them. We hate reading them. We hate delivering them. We hate listening to them. The presentation is really under attack in corporate America today! I have been thinking a lot about how to fix presentations, and I have a few ideas. See if any of these help you stir up some creative juices. Just the facts, ma'am. Leave [...]

DNC: Obama, Clinton, Clinton & Biden all give ‘pause’

Accent Reduction, Influential Speaking
Last week at the Democratic National Convention, the main speakers all made great use of 'the pause' during their speeches. They left time after a sentence for the audience to take in the meaning of their words. This made them appear like accomplished, sophisticated leaders. Taking a pause between your sentences will make you [...]