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How To Play Corporate Politics Without Losing Your Soul (part 3)

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“I want to recommend to my manager that one of my direct reports should be put on a performance review, with the possibility of separation. However, I am afraid that my manager might use my recommendation against me at a future date, either during my review or my efforts at promotion. How can I make sure my manager doesn’t move against me?” [...]

How To Play Corporate Politics Without Losing Your Soul (part 2)

Accent Reduction
“I can’t get my projects past the directors. They ignore my emails, or don’t show up at meetings where I present my ideas. My career is stuck in neutral.” My client was describing a common problem in companies. Decision-makers find it easier to ignore ideas rather than determine how to prioritize them. I proposed that my client resolve her [...]

Play Corporate Politics Without Losing Your Soul (part 1)

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“Actually, I don’t want a promotion. I can’t handle all the politics that come with it.” This is a quote from a coaching client of mine. Her unspoken thoughts were she did not want to lose her career, reputation, or livelihood due to politics at work. Corporate politics is another way of describing relationships at work. To be successful at [...]

Guest blog: 3 Ways For Women To Sound Like Leaders

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Hi Everyone, I am happy to link you to a recent guest blog I wrote for I hope you enjoy reading it: Take care, Anna

The Voice of “The Iron Lady”

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It’s nearing Oscar time! The Brain-Voice Connection team loves a good film. For the second year in a row, a film is nominated that touches upon the need for leaders to have powerful voices. Last year it was The King’s Speech. This year, it’s The Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher is poised to rise to political power. She is encouraged to work [...]

Leadership, Cognitive Neuroscience, and You

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Hi Everybody, The blog is back! I will be offering snippets of advice and links to articles that connect with brains and voices! You will also be reading posts from my new business partner, Laura Vanderpool. Today’s link relates to how cognitive neuroscience is creeping into our business lives. I like this quick Q&A because it [...]

The Three Ones(tm): The Secret Elixir for Great Speaking

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Ah, the secret elixir for great speaking! And yet, it is a secret no more. The Three Ones(tm) is your guide to always sounding smart, crisp and knowledgeable. Here are the three secrets: -One sentence -One topic -One breath Make each sentence about one topic, and one topic only. Brains can only understand one thing at a time. If you have more [...]

How to be a trusted guide through uncharted territory

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Last week I promised to help you learn how to guide your audience successfully to your point. Since I live in the great Northwest, I am going to use some mountain climbing imagery to describe this, just for fun! Imagine yourself as a mountain guide. Your audience is on a tour with you. They need you to take them from the bottom of the mountain [...]

Every time you open your mouth to speak…

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… it’s for the benefit of the listener. That’s right, it’s not about you, it’s about them! Think about it this way: you can talk to yourself in your head. When you begin speaking out loud, your goal is to communicate information to other people. The people who can’t hear you talking to yourself in your head! [...]

How to Sound Like a Leader

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During the 1990s, I was teaching singing in New York City to aspiring actors. I studied voice for many years at several schools, including The University of Oklahoma, The University of Kansas, The Aspen Music Festival and the University of Missouri-Kansas City Music Conservatory, and I worked with many wonderful teachers. However, I was always [...]