How Do I Sound Like An Expert?


They say the clothes maketh the man, but I believe that the voice is much more important in making an expert.

Our voices carry our knowledge and expertise out into the world. How we speak sends nonverbal messages that impact our reputation, business and sales figures. We sound better if we use a reliable system that helps us sound efficient, organized and knowledgeable. After all, who is going to hire an expert who sounds disorganized and uncertain?

There are many layers to achieving the smooth delivery that we all desire. However, one of the most important aspects I teach clients is a technique I call The Three Ones. These are:

1. one breath

2. one topic

3. one sentence

I designed this technique according to how our brains receive information. We can only understand one idea at a time. However, most people pile several facts into a sentence, and then expect their audience to follow their train of thought. By the time the sentence ends, they may have mentioned 5 or 6 unrelated ideas. The listener does not stand a chance of remembering all of them.

It is more practical to deliver one idea in one sentence, and then end that sentence with a period. A strong, definitive period is when your voice lowers and your stop speaking. For an example, imagine telling a dog, ‘Sit.” That is what a period sounds like.

When you try this technique, you will find yourself using commas instead of periods. This is a common habit, but it doesn’t help your audience. Listeners are trained to listen until they hear a “stop” signal – the period. Until they do, they will continue listening to you. Once they hear that signal, then they will begin processing what you said. In other words, listening and understanding are two separate activities, and they cannot be done at the same time. When you use The Three Ones, your audience will find your thoughts easier to follow. They will have time to digest each sentence before you begin the next one.

Try this technique and see how it helps you sound like an expert.

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