The Voice of “The Iron Lady”

Accent Reduction, Sound Like a Leader, Voice Training

It’s nearing Oscar time! The Brain-Voice Connection team loves a good film. For the second year in a row, a film is nominated that touches upon the need for leaders to have powerful voices. Last year it was The King’s Speech. This year, it’s The Iron Lady.

Margaret Thatcher is poised to rise to political power. She is encouraged to work with a voice coach to transform her voice into one of authority and power. This is considered a necessary evolutionary step for her leadership.

The goal, however, was described as lowering her voice to gain a less feminine (read: weak and/or shrill) voice. The Brain-Voice Connection believes that the voice of authority and power has no gender. It is about sounding like a leader. A by-product of good speaking is a voice that is lower in pitch and more resonant. This is the same whether you are a man or a woman. The pitch itself is not the goal. It is about creating a voice that is relaxed, confident and easy to understand. A voice that can influence and inspire. We believe everyone can aspire to that.


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