An Unexamined Presentation Is Not Worth Watching (with apologies to Socrates)

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I know, I know – a post on presentations skills?!? Is another one really necessary?
Well, read this, and then you can tell me.

Rule No. 1:          There are no presentations. Only conversations.

Imagine you are chatting with someone. Let the material come out in easily understood pieces. Sometimes you can ask someone a question about the conversation. Sometimes you can just look for understanding, or ask the audience to raise their hands instead of talking with you.

Rule No. 2:          Start with the big picture. As you become more specific, ask your audience if they need more detail. Continue asking them this question about every five sentences. As soon as they have enough detail, move on to the next topic.

Rule No. 3:          Decide if your conversation has necessary information that everyone needs to learn. If that is true, limit your conversation to an hour or less. Brains need a break after an hour of new information. Come back later or another day if you need to continue.

Rule No. 4:          Include a benefit in every sentence.

Okay, this may not be possible. But I included it for a good reason. People will want to listen to your conversation if they understand how it will benefit them.

Be clear and repetitive about the benefits. Once you state there is a benefit, your audience will listen to learn how to achieve it.

The order of benefit first, explanation second, is better than explanation first, benefit second.

What tips do you use to improve your presentations? Please share your approach with me. I love hearing how my coaching helps you, and how you adjusted or improved it to work for you.

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